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Whenever I start a new course at a yoga center or a gym, most students are startled by the fact that I don’t demonstrate any posture. Some are outright pissed off. Whatever kind of teacher you are, you need to be prepared to piss someone off at some point. Short term gratification doesn’t usually lead…
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My Atypical Teacher

Somebody once told me there are two kinds of yoga teachers: the ones who follow one teacher and the ones follow many. Those who follow a teacher are dangerous because they can’t think with their own head. Those who follow many teachers are dangerous because what they really think is they know better than anyone…
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One’s Own Measure

Does yoga need to adapt to the person? Or is it the person who needs to adapt to yoga? This doubt used to trouble me a lot when I started practicing. I really liked my first teacher, Elena. She made me discover Ashtanga, was very dedicated to yoga and gave me some discipline, of which…
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A Middle Path

My practice is both soft and strong. The contemporary yoga scenario seems to be split into two different kinds of approach: on one side there are the super aggressive styles like Ashtanga, Bikram, Power and many variations of such mainstream styles. On the other side there are the super mellow styles like ‘Hatha’, Yin, Restorative.…
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