A Middle Path

My practice is both soft and strong.

The contemporary yoga scenario seems to be split into two different kinds of approach: on one side there are the super aggressive styles like Ashtanga, Bikram, Power and many variations of such mainstream styles.

On the other side there are the super mellow styles like ‘Hatha’, Yin, Restorative.

My approach is right in between, it’s a ‘middle path’, if you wish.

This is what I liked about my teacher Ramaswami, when I first read his books. I knew I wanted to study with him because he expressed this view of things.

When I met him, I thought his personality reflected this idea: very lively and relaxed, powerful but moderate. Because in yoga you truly become what you practice.

That’s why I think it’s important to avoid extremes and find one’s own measure.

There’s a general misconception of yoga being a discipline focused on stretching. It’s really mostly about balance.

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